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House Cleaning in Fullerton CA

At Fullerton House Cleaning we provide you with the most thorough deep cleaning available at the best prices! We clean out your vacant homes, condos, townhomes, and apartments in and around Fullerton, NOT your wallets! Home cleaning specialists at Fullerton House Cleaning are trained to be proficient in move out and move in cleanings because they are a bit more fast-paced and require a deeper cleaning initially.

Our qualified and professional cleaning crews are well trained to clean your space in a detailed manner with careful attention to details you might have regarding your professional clean. It's because of our committment to cleanliness, efficiency, and punctualness that we have enjoed our word of mouth status in the North Orange County area.

Here at Fullerton House Cleaning, we specialize in cleaning houses, apartments, condos, vacation rentals, cleaning for students moving in and cleaning for students moving out, office cleaning, commercial projects, and more! Whether it is your dining room, living room, a bedroom or bathroom, something outside like a patio or deck, an upstair bonus room, play den, or more, we will meet and exceed your cleaning needs. We also offer a certain cleaning expertise for tougher clean areas such as high stairs, high ceiling fixtures, and other hard to get places. We will get the job done efficiently for both residential and commercial cleaning needs.

We know Fullerton CA can get very warm, especially in the summer. Because of that, the last thing you want to do in the warm summer months when you'd rather be at the beach, is clean your house. Whether its spring, summer, winter or fall, regardless of the season, we will work to get your house, condo, office, or apartment looking brand new clean!

All of our cleaning services are provided and completed by insured and bonded trained professionals who take pride in our work of cleaning your home, office, or apartment to perfection. We provide all of the following cleaning services (and more) and skill sets at competitive rates:

  • house cleaning
  • apartment cleaning
  • office cleaning
  • move in - move out cleaning
  • maid service
  • general cleaning
  • deep cleaning
  • house cleaning Fullerton CA
  • airbnb and vacation rental cleaning

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On Time Cleaning, when you need it

At Fullerton House Cleaning, we pride ourselves on something we like to call "on-time cleaning". We do this because we know how frustrating it is to be waiting around for a business to show up when they said they were going to, and then they don't show up. When you call us to schedule a cleaning, you can rest easy knowing that fullerton house cleaning will show up when we said we were going to, and complete a cleaning service in your home or office that will leave your area looking brand new!

While we're cleaning, we also want to make sure everyone in your house, apartment, or office will enjoy a clean new space that is safe and eco-friendly. That's why every cleaning job at Fullerton House Cleaning revolves around eco-friendly safe products and procedures. We do this because it’s all for your protection and convenience.

Speaking of protection and convenience, our crews are bonded and insured for your complete peace of mind. We aim to please you from start to finish-and it’s all done in a professional manner. You can rest easy when you have booked a house, office, or apartment cleaning with our service.

We try to be as accessible as we can, and we want you to feel that you can call us during normal working hours and we'll get back to you within 2 hours. Our phone number is (714) 735-4850, and you can call us or email us as well. If we don't answer, we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

We have a professionally-trained call center ready and willing to answer any questions you may have, and schedule next-day or even same-day appointments if you have any cleaning issue that needs to be tended to.

Fullerton House Cleaning

Move in and Move out Cleaning

We know that Fullerton is home to many different colleges and schools, and is a good place for students. Because of this, we offer move in and move out cleaning services to help you move into your new apartment or cleaning to help you move out of your apartment (and get your security deposit back).

Whether you're moving into a new home, office, apartment, condo, townhome, or more, we will help you make the place look sparkling clean. We'll take the hassle and stress out of moving into or moving out of a residence (or office) so you can focus on your new move, and then you can leave all of the cleaning needs to us.

Fullerton Maid Service

If you're interested in having a regularly scheduled cleaning, and would like something more routine, we provide maid service in fullerton at great prices for our new and repeat clients. When you schedule with our house cleaning and maid service, you can set a time that will work for you every week, month, etc and we will do the rest. We take all the effort out of cleaning and maintain your home, office, or apartment so you don't have to worry about anything.

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Why hire Fullerton House Cleaners

All of our services are high quality and affordable, because we want you to come home to a clean home after a long day of work. Our ultimate goal for our company is to become are of your life to keep your home, office, or apartment in tip-top shape while you have time to devote to work, family, and friends, instead of cleaning. Our prices are reasonable and you will find our services are worth their price because we give you back time and peace of mind.

Something to ask yourself if you're going to clean your space on a regular basis is...where do you begin? When you start cleaning, do you have the right supplies? Do you have the necessary energy (or motivation) to clean in the first place? Something we find when talking to our clients, is they can clean the main places (kitchen, sink, bathroom, toilet) but then either get too tired to clean the rest of their space, or don't have the right tools. That's why you should leave your cleaning needs to Fullerton House Cleaning.

Ask yourself...when was the last time you provided a deep clean to your oven? When was the last time your kitchen was sparkling clean? Do you get behind furniture to dust around it? When was the last time your office looked like the first day you moved in? When you leave your cleaning to Fullerton's best cleaning service will do all the routine tasks like mopping, dusting, and vacuuming, but we will also be sure to thoroughly scrub and wash areas that you may not even think about, like ovens, doors, mirrors, and even common appliances. Our professionals will not leave until the job is complete!

Save time, money and headaches by hiring from Fullerton house cleaning services. We can easily accommodate your schedule and needs to fit monthly, semi-monthly, weekly and one-time frequencies of cleaning, all of which are available when you call to schedule a cleaning. We employ English-speaking and background-checked professionals who will communicate with you frequently should any problem arise. Allowing a housekeeper from Fullerton house cleaning to work for you while you’re out and about is a no brainer, and will leave your home, office, or apartment looking brand new.

Letting someone you don't know into your home or office is a tall order, and we know it. That's why all of our trained professionals are experienced, insured, and background & referenced checked. Fullerton house cleaning services assures you that all of our housekeepers are English-speaking and interviewed in-person. All visits are insured and bonded. The only thing you have to worry about is how you'll spend your extra free time!

Advantages of a professional House Cleaning Service

For the best house cleaning fullerton ca, detailed cleaning can be a tedious task. It is a laborious task, and worst of all, it's a task that's technically never completed! Even if you do have the necessary time, energy, and effort to devote to cleaning, hiring professionals to complete this service will free up a lot of your precious time to spend with your friends, family, and loved ones.

Are House Cleaning Services Worth It? Well, time is valuable and most Americans don't get enough free time. Use your time wisely and hire out unwanted tasks to the professionals, like us! Our housekeepers work faster and more efficiently, we have the right tools, and we're more experienced, so you're actually getting a better deal than cleaning yourself. Remember, the products and techniques professional cleaners use are far superior than anything bought in a store, and you will love the result!

For all of our valued clients, we offer residential and commercial cleaning services in Fullerton CA 92831, 92832, 92833, 92835

We also serve all surrounding areas of Fullerton and service all of Orange County. We work frequently in Brea, Placentia, Orange, Yorba Linda, and La Habra. We also serve down in south county like Irvine, Newport Beach and Costa Mesa, Mission Viejo and even San Clemente. Basically, if you're in Orange County, we can clean your home, apartment, office, condo, or anything else.

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